Update on Last Tea Shop zine

UPDATE: The expanded edition is now available! 

Visit Last Tea Shop Complete for this 16 page version with more of everything.


Earlier this year I started adapting Last Tea Shop into a zine format. I planned to publish around Easter. I got close, but then life got in the way and I needed to focus my energy elsewhere. 

I want to let people know that a zine of Last Tea Shop is getting close. There are a few rough edges to smooth out, but I hope to publish a PDF version in the next few weeks. If people are interested, I may do a limited print run.

The zine stays true to the original one page RPG version, but adds many options and a few twists.  People who play through a few times should get different experiences. It also features illustrations by the amazing Stoneshore

In spare moments I have been daydreaming about a new narrative game. It is just a sketch at the moment, but I am excited about the ideas.  When I finally finish the Last Tea Shop zine, I hope to throw myself into it.

Okay, last thing. I am looking for a few people to read through the draft zine before I publish. If you got this far and are keen, DM me on Twitter and I'll send you a draft for feedback. Just a few sentences of impressions is appreciated.

Thanks again for your patience and I hope you all have a great week.

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You have truly created something novel and whimsical here that exists above genre lines in a way that appeals to so so many people.  I sure do hope you do a print run, I know so many people who would absolutely love this.  I've been sharing it around with friends (who work in tea shops, haha) and they all absolutely love it in a really touching way.  Count me in for a few print copies if you do.  :)

Thank you so much. It means a lot.

Earlier this week, I published the expanded zine edition. I hope people like it.

A publisher has approached me to ask if I would be interested in doing a limited print run of the expanded version and we are talking through the details. I hope I have more to share soon.


Oh thank you for linking that!!  I had only seen the page I left a comment on and didn't realize it was out! (Didn't see a release post on the One-Page version, only this coming soon one)  This one is worth my ever increasingly precious dollars  Thanks for making it and I look forward to more!

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Ah, good point! I probably should write a development post on the classic version.

Thanks so much your support. I'm so glad that the game resonates with you. I'm working on a couple of new projects now, but they share the spirit of Last Tea Shop.