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Last Tea Shop Complete

You run a tea shop on the border of the living and the dead. The recently deceased visit for one last hot drink before their long journey into the Great Beyond.

Time is strange here. Days and memories blur. Nobody visited yesterday—you are sure of that. Someone passed last week, but you can't recall their face.

The fog thins. A figure approaches. You stoke the fire.

Last Tea Shop Complete is a revised and expanded version of a one-page solo game about tea and conversation. Set up your stall and wait for visitors to emerge out of the mist. Over a cup of tea, chat to the visitor about their life and help prepare them for their trip into the Lands of the Dead. Record their thoughts, fears, dreams and hopes in your journal for posterity.

Play finishes when the mysterious Veiled One comes to visit.

You will need:

  • An hour or so of quiet time
  • Pen and paper
  • One or two six-sided dice
  • Tea (optional, but recommended)

Differences from Last Tea Shop Classic

The original "classic" version was created for the one-page RPG jam 2021. It will always remain free.

This complete edition is a 16-page zine. It stays true to the original single page version, but adds options and a few secrets.  It expands the number of settings, visitors, tea ingredients,  questions and affinities. People who play through a multiple times should have very different experiences.

Last Tea Shop Expanded Edition features illustrations by the amazing Stoneshore.

Actual play

Tim from Old Dog Games illustrated a game of Last Tea Shop Classic and shared it on Twitter.  See Tim's complete playthrough at Old Dog Games.

Two-player variant

Last Tea Shop was written with solo play in mind, but it works well with two players. Instead of a journalling game, play it out as a series of conversations. One player takes the role of the tea shop owner. The second person plays the various visitors. 

Here are a few tips for running a duet game.

  • Death is a theme in the game. Have a conversation about tone before play. Use safety tools (e.g. X-Card, Lines and Veils) to ensure the story stays safe for all players.
  • The tea shop owner controls timing and pace. You can linger on one part of a customer's life, encouraging more detail, or advance to the next step in the question ritual. If in doubt, move the ritual forward.
  • As tea shop owner, if you're unsure how to move to the next question, try leading with, "So, tell me...".
  • As tea shop owner, remember to ask customers how they knew the previous visitor. This is key to building an overarching story.
  • Each visitor should briefly describe their appearance and approach to the tea shop. Incorporate emotional state into the description.
  • Some emotional states are can be challenging to play as a visitor. Whatever happens, keep the story flowing—even if it's in small steps. For example, if you are confused, instead of saying "I don't remember anything" try "I can only remember fragments..."
  • Foraging  only involve the tea shop owner in the game guide. Consider adapting the rules so that a visitor helps collect supplies.

Acknowledgements and inspirations

All illustrations by @Stoneshore.  See his excellent art and games at stoneshore.itch.io

The following games influenced and inspired Last Tea Shop.


Game text is © 2022 by Spring Villager.
Game format is open for hacking + remixing under a CC-BY 4.0 license.
Hacks and reimaginings encouraged; word-for-word reprints are not.

Most, although not all, illustrations are licensed as CC-BY 4.0  through Stoneshore's Tabletop Art Pack.

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In Last Tea Shop, you own a little tea shop in between the land of the living and the dead and you are here to offer one last cup before their journey to the afterlife. You may ask them one question while you brew and one question while you drink to find out more about them.

You play by first setting up your shop, where it’s located, what supplies you have, and what special affinities you may have. You also decide which path the visitors take, allowing you to replay the game to get different people on different rolls.

You roll 1d6 each day to see how many days between visitors there are, and then add that number to the previous day to determine who is visiting you. The game ends after 24 days and The Veiled One visits.

You also get to determine what kind of brew you serve depending on what ingredients you have. This tea can set the tone for the conversation and acts as a guide as to what questions you might want to ask.

The game provides 20 questions for you, but also clearly states that you can choose to make up questions as well. Some guests also have added effects like bringing a gift, or adding more days to the count.

I served 5 guests before the Veiled One decided to make their visit and gave me a very cryptic message. You can read my playthrough Here


Thank you for the community copy! Times is hard right now, so I'm especially grateful. Looking forward to playing this tonight. ::) 

I'm so glad. I hope you enjoy the game.  🍵


The Last Tea Shop is a delightful solo game that includes rules for two-players. The PDF is a soothing read, and I love all the roll tables that help players build their tea shop. There's also a section that details the kinds of visitors you'll meet. I recently did a live flip through. While this video includes other games, I've timestamped it for where I start browsing The Last Tea Shop.

Awesome. Thanks so much for sharing this video, Cassi!

this looks wonderful, any chance for some community copies?

(1 edit)

I add a community copy for every sale. I updated the free copies last night following a most recent handful of sales, but those seem to have gone. I will add more as they become available.

The classic version is available for free.

nice, ok! i'll be on the lookout, i must have just missed it ;)


Very interesting premise, I'm looking forward to play it