Single page format + new game

This is a small update to Last Tea Shop. Someone asked for a single page version of the PDF for easier reading on small screens, so I've added Single_Pages_for_Screens as a download option.

I also made a few minor formatting tweaks across all formats. There are no changes to content. I'm probably the only person who will notice them.

Most of my design time has been going towards a new project that I hope to publish in the new year. Guide and Witness is a game for solo and duet play. It is a game about exploration, magic and mystery. Working on it makes me feel like the early days of Last Tea Shop.

I will share more about Guide and Witness in a month or two. In the meantime here is a concept sketch from the excellent @sisaliks, who I am collaborating with on the art.

( this sketch makes me so happy )


Last_Tea_Shop–Spreads_for_Print.pdf 3 MB
93 days ago
Last_Tea_Shop–Spreads_for_Screens.pdf 3 MB
93 days ago
Last_Tea_Shop–Single_Pages_for_Screens.pdf 3 MB
93 days ago

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Agree about the sketch. Off to climb mountains 😀 I look forward to finding out more. Good luck on your journey

Thank you! I look forward to sharing more in a few weeks 🌿